Auto rotate grill from an old motor

The main disadvantage of the barbecue or grill is the need to constantly turn the products prepared on it so that they do not burn. Significantly simplify the life of vacationers will allow the automatic rotation of products. You can make such a device yourself.

The material for the home-made grill will be sheet metal, profile pipes and an old motor with a gearbox from the drive of automobile wipers. Work begins with the manufacture of a grill roaster. Having cut out all the necessary details by a grinder from a sheet of metal, they are welded together.

In order not to waste time welding the frypot, some craftsmen make it from an old car disk. The central part is cut out from him and a circle of metal corresponding to the diameter of the disk is welded instead. In the circle, several small holes must be made to provide air access to the coals.

For convenience, the fryer should be fixed to the legs. They are cut from a profile pipe measuring 20x20 mm, and then welded to the side walls of the grill. To make the legs more stable, you need to weld the crossbars at about half their length. They will serve as a support for the shelf, on which you can put firewood or other objects.

For ease of carrying, handles made of a round or square metal bar should be welded to the side walls of the fryer. A grid for cooking products is also welded from the same rod. She must fit the brazier accurately and not fall into her hull.

Frying a large piece of meat, poultry carcass or fish is very convenient on a central rotating skewer. To install it, two vertical guides from a square bar are welded to the body.

Holders for a spit are made from a square pipe that is suitable in size to the guides. The nuts are welded to them and the bolts are screwed in, which, when the skewer installation height is changed, the holders will be securely fixed on the vertical posts.

Next, make a support platform for the motor. It is welded to one of the spit holders so that the motor moves with it. The axis of the engine and spit during installation should have one plane.

The drive is carried out by means of a piece of small diameter reinforced rubber hose used in automobiles. It is fixed with screw clamps. Since the motor runs on a 12 V network, it can be powered from a battery or power supply.

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