How to make a machine for drilling holes for seedlings

Work in the garden is associated with high physical exertion. One of the most time-consuming processes is the preparation of holes for planting seedlings. It is especially difficult for elderly or sick people.

To at least somehow facilitate this process, craftsmen came up with a special machine. It can be based on a powerful punch or motor from an old electric tool, which drives a shaft with a special nozzle.

Work begins with the manufacture of the shaft. In order for the person using the tool to lean less, the shaft must be at least one meter long. The shaft is made of a steel circle with a cross section of 12-16 mm. For easy penetration into the soil, its lower edge is sharpened on a lathe or electric emery.

Then make the working blades of the drill. For holes of small diameter, you can make the blades of their washers of large diameter. They make one cut from the edge to the middle. Bending the edges of the cut, get the blades of the drill. Thus, having connected several parts and welding them to the lower part of the shaft, a nozzle for a drilling tool is obtained.

If you plan to drill large holes, the blades of the drill can be made from an old saw blade from a circular saw. It is clamped in a vice and cut into four parts. After they are welded to the shaft at an angle, getting a drill for excavation.

For more convenient work with the drilling machine, the shaft can be placed in the pipe, equipping its lower end with expansion and emphasis. In order for the working nozzle to exit the stop cavity when pressed, a spring of suitable stiffness is installed between it and the shaft pipe. In addition to reducing the load during drilling, this design will prevent the spread of earth around the hole.

For reliable fastening of the electric motor or punch, a special pad or ring of the appropriate size is welded to the upper edge of the pipe. In order not to damage the punch case, it is inside it with a clamp. In simpler designs, the shaft with the nozzle is simply fixed in the perforator cartridge.

Another option for a hole drilling machine is a hand truck with an electric or gas engine installed on it. By means of a belt drive, he drives one or more drills mounted on the same cart. This design is perfect for drilling a large number of holes, for example, when growing seedlings in large greenhouses.

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