Effective insect trap for home and garden

Mosquitoes, midges and garden pests, seriously spoil the lives of people in cottages and personal plots. In addition to the traditional use of chemicals, they are fought by installing various types of special traps. Such devices can be purchased at the store, or even easier to make yourself.

The simplest and most effective device for catching flies, wasps and other flying insects is made from an empty plastic bottle with a capacity of 1.5 - 2 liters. With a sharp knife from the bottle cut off the upper third with a neck. Then it is turned over and firmly inserted into the lower part. The joint is wrapped with tape to ensure tightness. A wire loop is attached to it to hang the trap.

In the resulting funnel, above the neck of the bottle, a dozen holes are made with a thin awl. They are needed to spread the smell of bait. The diameter of the holes must be such that the insects could not leave the trap through them.

To prepare the bait, you can not use fresh jam or sugar syrup. These products will attract beneficial insects such as bees or bumblebees. For pests, beer or watermelon juice is suitable. For greater efficiency, you need to add a little poison to the insects.

At the final stage, the tank is poured with liquid bait. Its level is made 3-5 cm below the level of the neck. After filling the trap, it is destroyed along with the contents.

For catching mosquitoes, mosquitoes and other blood-sucking insects, traps made of plastic bottles similar in design are used. As bait for them you need to use warm sweetened water with the addition of yeast. Their fermentation attracts mosquitoes and, being trapped, they die.

You can catch mosquitoes in another way. The neck of a plastic bottle is cut off, and its inner surface is carefully lubricated with vegetable oil. A bottle left on the street will collect a lot of insects, which are then destroyed along with the trap.

Traps from plastic bottles are also used to combat slugs. The bottle is squeezed slightly from the sides, giving the container a flat shape. Honey, dissolved in water, fermented juice or beer are used as bait.

The bottle is half filled with bait and laid flat, pressed down with a stone so that it is not blown away by the wind. The neck is left open, and the place of laying the trap is well soaked with water. After a day, the trap is raised and the slugs gathered under it are destroyed.

Watch the video: Mosquito Trap and Bug Zapper (February 2020).

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