Lightweight screen for a garden terrace from improvised materials

On a garden or summer cottage, there is often a need to hide from prying eyes or to divide the terrace into separate functional zones. For this, there is no need to build massive fences and partitions. It is only necessary to make a garden screen from any improvised materials.

The most unpretentious summer residents are fenced off from neighbors by screens consisting of wooden frames, covered with cords or ropes. They also use empty plastic bottles strung in vertical rows on steel or aluminum wire, stretched inside the frames of wooden blocks. If the cottage has old window frames, they can also be used as a screen. To do this, they are attached to two vertical rails and make stands.

A very interesting screen can be obtained using glass bottles. Some bottles can be decorated with transparent stained-glass paint, which, when exposed to sunlight, will create an unusual effect. To make such a screen, two vertical columns must be concreted. After curing the concrete, two horizontal strips from the profile pipe are welded to them.

Thin reinforcing bars will serve as a support for the structure. They are vertically welded to the lower bar and string the bottles. To drill them you need knowledge of a certain technology. This process is described in detail on various sites on the Internet and is not particularly difficult for a master of any skill.

As cushioning material, plastic balls or corks from water bottles are placed between the bottles. The resulting structure can be surrounded by climbing plants, which will use it as a support.

It is very simple to make a garden screen from fabric. It is stretched inside a wooden frame with twine. Another option is to install curtain fabric inside the frame on the grommets. In this case, the screen, if necessary, can not be moved. It is enough to move the curtain hanging inside it.

As a screen for the garden terrace, you can use a light fence made of thin wooden boards or slats. They are nailed horizontally to the posts installed next to the terrace and decorated with various plants.

You can hide the terrace from prying eyes behind a bamboo screen. Such a fence, unlike a conventional wooden fence, will look lighter and create a mysterious atmosphere.

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