Homemade watering can from improvised means

Not every summer cottage has a connection to a centralized water supply, and therefore its owners need to think independently about equipping alternative methods for watering garden plants. For the equipment of irrigation tanks in a summer cottage, you don’t need to have special skills - just acquire the necessary materials.

Watering containers can be made of steel or other modern materials - plastic or polymers, which in their technical properties are in no way inferior to metal and even surpass it. Polymer containers are lightweight, and therefore they can be easily transported. Also, they do not rust, and therefore do not spoil the quality of the liquid and serve a longer period, without requiring additional processing and painting.

Types of containers for country watering

Tanks for irrigation of garden plants can be both terrestrial and underground. The latter option is advisable to use if there is a shortage of free space in the summer cottage. To organize a place for installing a tank for irrigation underground, you must first dig a pit of the right size.

The bottom of the pit should be equipped with a concrete pillow with a thickness of at least 200 mm, which will prevent the tank from sagging. You can do without laying a concrete pillow only if the tank is small in size and weight.

Tanks for irrigation above the ground are installed on pre-built stands. They can be made of durable steel, concrete or polymeric materials. In this case, much depends on the weight and dimensions of the structure.

Stands can have different heights - the pressure head of the supplied liquid will directly depend on this. If it is necessary to provide a large head, it is necessary to set the tank to a height of at least 3 m. To do this, it is recommended to use stands made of metal, which do not require impressive financial investments for installation, do not take up much space and can be easily dismantled if necessary.

Materials for equipment watering containers

First of all, it is necessary to prepare a tank in which water will be stored. This may be an old tank left after any construction or domestic work or a new tank, which can be purchased at almost any hardware store. You can also use old metal barrels, the open part of which must be carefully sealed.

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