How to make an open wardrobe in the bedroom

Wardrobe - an important functional element in the interior, which allows you to optimize the free space in the house and allocate a sufficient amount of space for storing personal items. The best option for arranging the dressing room is the one when a separate room is allocated for it.

However, not all owners of apartments and houses can boast enough space for a separate dressing room. In this case, you can try to arrange it in the bedroom. At the same time, an open-type wardrobe will look best in the interior. It does not take up much space in the room, and if necessary, it can be closed using a screen or curtains.

Installation of a corner dressing room

This type of construction will be the best choice for owners of small apartments. In a particular room, you need to allocate a place in the corner and equip it using partitions. They need to be installed in such a way as to get a square or triangular space.

As partitions, you can use sheets of natural wood, chipboard or glass. After their installation, it is necessary to carry out the installation of fasteners, which will play the role of shelf holders.

Installing a linear walk-in closet

In this case, structural elements are installed along the selected wall. In this case, the fasteners are mounted directly to its surface. In addition to shelves in this dressing room, you can equip the rods on which hangers for clothes will be held.

The absence of walls, partitions and doors will make the design neat and save free space. In such a wardrobe, it will be possible to easily store not only wardrobe items, but also other accessories.

Material selection

In addition to wood, chipboard and glass, you can use lightweight and durable drywall. It allows you to greatly simplify the installation process of an open-type wardrobe, does not require special experience or powerful tools, and is subjected to decorative processing.

After installing the structure, it can be painted to match the basic elements of the bedroom interior or wallpaper. It is possible to close access to shelves and hide their contents from prying eyes using a curtain matched to the tone. To do this, it is necessary to install a cornice at the top of the structure, choosing the option that is optimal in terms of color and material.

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