What ultimately costs more: major repairs or cosmetic

Owners of apartments can have different reasons to start repairs. Some people want to update the situation simply because the old one is tired or some interesting trends have appeared in the interior, others notice any problems, for example, lagging wallpaper, peeling paint, creaking floor and the like.

In the first case, if the premises did not reveal any serious problems, of course, it is more profitable to do cosmetic repairs. For the family budget, it would be better to do it yourself, if you mean updating the walls, ceiling, linoleum or other flooring. An exception will be the installation of suspended ceilings or the laying of a laminate without lock fastening and the like.

Another thing is when the apartment clearly begs for not only a change of coatings, but also renewal of insulation, installation of new plaster, replacement of plumbing equipment, including pipes, wiring. All these works, of course, are expensive not only in terms of time, but also in terms of money. Many people make a common mistake - they postpone major repairs, close up cracks in the walls and other troubling problems with cosmetics.

As a result, the new paint will lag behind the walls, peel off, and the wallpaper will bubble and the floors will continue to creak, even if knocked out. Especially dangerous is the neglect of alarms in wet areas. If in the bathroom or in the kitchen you feel stale damp air, the smell of rot and mold, this means that you need to urgently get to the pipes to change them or repair, if the fungus on the ceiling, the stretch ceiling needs to be removed and the surfaces should be removed from mold and probably new plaster should be laid.

Thus, it will not work to get out of the overhaul; sooner or later, the need will make itself felt. Usually this happens at the most inopportune moment, therefore, as soon as the apartment detects malfunctions related to the operation of the wiring, sewage, water supply, insulation, you need to immediately find out the cause of these phenomena, plan a major overhaul, budget and time.

As part of a major overhaul, a certain saving is acceptable, but only at its final stage, when finishing is underway. All other materials must be of high quality so that you do not have to redo everything again in the near future. After overhaul, many people make the so-called rough inexpensive finish, which is replaced with a new one after 1-2 years. Thus, the benefits of overhaul or redecorating depends on what reasons caused the desire to update the apartment.

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