How to make a beautiful frame for a mirror from what is at hand

Any mirror decorates the interior. And if it is decorated in a beautiful frame, it can radically transform the room. True, if you focus on factory models, the product will have a great price and is not available to many people. However, there is a way out - to make a beautiful frame for the mirror yourself.

There are many options for implementing this. For example, a mirror framed by a frame of tree branches looks creative. They are cleaned of bark, dried, coated with paint, varnish. Then the edging is formed by beams of them without observing any order.

You are a supporter of marine themes in the design of the room and have a round mirror. The frame for him can be arranged in the form of a pair of three circles from a suitable hemp rope in diameter. At the same time, the suspension of the product on the wall is also made of it.

The frame made of strips of plastic, paper, cardboard in the form of sunlight gives the round mirror its originality. The latter can be the same and different lengths, single and superimposed on one another. Possible framing variations associated with the coloring of individual rays, the use of plant branches to create rays.

The wooden frame of the mirror, which is already old, can be restored by pasting pebbles of different sizes and colors. The mirror can be placed in a frame made up of a set of shallow drawers filled with different grains (beans, lentils, wheat, oats, buckwheat), products.

The existing mirror frame can be decorated by decorating with almost everything that surrounds us. For example, plain-looking plastic spoons. Or cutlery.

In the latter embodiment, the following are additionally stocked: mirror; glue; cardboard; beads; a plate whose diameter is larger than a mirror.

A round blank is cut from cardboard. The diameter is slightly smaller than that of the plate. Spread cutlery in a fan on it, alternating them and evenly placing them. Glue them to a cardboard base. Apply glue to the middle part, where they then place the plate - the bottom to the cardboard. A mirror is glued to the plate. Decorate it around the perimeter with beads.

Fans of tennis, badminton can make a gift by placing a mirror in the frame, which is made of ... rackets. The frame looks beautiful to which car models are glued around the entire perimeter. The latter can be original, painted in one color. Instead of toys, you can use different buttons in colors, sizes, and buttons.

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