How to make an aquafilter for a vacuum cleaner with your own hands

Today it is difficult to imagine a house, an apartment in which a vacuum cleaner is not used for cleaning. The device speeds up the process, makes it simple, tireless. Devices are constantly being improved. Today, to make cleaning as high-quality as possible, an aquafilter is placed in it.

In such vacuum cleaners, two types of water filters are used. They may be:

  • Hookahs: simple in design, but poorly clean the air of fine dust; require frequent washing and drying; equipped with a small container for liquid;
  • Separate: they use centrifugal force to separate air and dust; distinguished by high quality cleaning and greater cost.

Aquafilter models are expensive. But they can be equipped with a conventional vacuum cleaner that you use. There are several options to do this. One of them is implemented using: aluminum pan; plastic containers (need a 6-liter); three screws; metal adapter; flexible hose; four screws.

A large round round hole is cut out in the bottom of the pan, leaving a strip of 3 cm wide at the edges. Attach a container next to the surface of the vacuum cleaner, on which there is an air outlet. Do this through pre-drilled holes with screws.

A bottle of plastic is placed in a pan. Holes are made in it through which purified air will exit. Pour water inside (1 ... 1.5 liters). Air will pass through the liquid and be cleaned additionally, leaving trash and dust in it.

Using an adapter, screws, a prepared unit are connected to the exhaust of a vacuum cleaner. A jumper is arranged with a flexible hose. Its end in a plastic container is provided with a slot, due to which a whirlpool occurs in the liquid, which improves the air purification process.

You can use another option aquafilter. It uses: a separator; capacity; pomp; a fan; fasteners.

A casing is made, it is mounted on a dust collector. Engaged in a pump, securing it through a rubber ring. The bottom of the vacuum cleaner is equipped with a layer of polyethylene, which will reduce the noise of the device during operation.

Watch the video: How To Make a Water Vacuum Cleaner From a Simple (February 2020).

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