How to make a combo for a fluffy cat in a couple of minutes

A cat brings many positive moments to our life. This cute creature purrs, plays pranks, or simply creates an atmosphere of comfort by falling asleep in your favorite chair. But cats are very loving and often show their affectionate nature. They constantly rub on furniture, on the owner’s feet, which sometimes causes inconvenience, leaving their fur everywhere.

In this regard, cat scratchers were invented. They can be purchased at any pet store, but it is much more economical to make this device yourself. There are some simple options for such a carder.

Brush brush

For its manufacture, you will not need anything but simple brushes and a drill (or a hammer with nails). See what place your cat has chosen for friction. Most often, these are the legs of chairs or a table. Take a brush and screw or nail it at the level of the cheeks of the animal, or slightly higher. We do this from the outside of the legs. Better if it is the leg of the table, it certainly will not move from the pressure of your favorite.

An arch-shaped hairbrush will not only delight your pet, but also decorate your interior. It is better if a man takes part in the manufacture of this design.

To make the arch you will need:

  • 2 brushes for plumbing. Need to search in the form of a loop on a wire frame.
  • Wooden washer for connecting brushes.
  • Hammer.
  • Glue.
  • Nails
  • Thick fabric.
  • Platform for mounting in wood or plywood.
  • Stapler with staples.

In the brushes we separate the handles and unbend the loop. We fasten the ends with a washer with glue. To do this, we introduce the ends of the brushes into the hole treated with glue in the middle of the washer. Leave to dry.

We tighten the platform for installation with a cloth, fastening with brackets. It will be more convenient to work if the platform is in the form of a square. In the fabric-studded plane, we hammer in the right places two nails, to which we fasten the ends of the brushes. The combs arch is ready.

Elementary scabbing is also done using a coarse cord and the legs of a chair or table. Just wrap the cord around the legs - and the comb is ready.

You can entangle the entire stool with the cord along with the side rails and then your pet will get a whole sports corner. If you also stretch the threads between the crossbars, you get a hammock. So much for the multifunctional sports complex - a hammock, a scratching post and a scaffold.

By attaching a tree branch to a massive platform and wrapping it with thick woolen thread, you can create a cat almost natural conditions. On this branch, the cat will be able to jump and frolic. And since the branch will be pleasant to the touch and fleecy, then the comb from it will be excellent.

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