DIY paper cake surprise for kids

Children love everything bright and unusual. And most of all they will be delighted with unusual secrets. It’s such a pleasure to open unknown boxes with a surprise, you can give them in the form of a paper cake.

What will be required for the manufacture

Tools needed:

  1. Glue.
  2. Colored paper.
  3. Cardboard of different colors.
  4. Napkins for cakes.
  5. Scissors.
  6. Jewelry: satin ribbons, rhinestones, sequins, pictures and more.
  7. Ruler.
  8. Pencil.

How to make and decorate a cake


  1. Take colored cardboard, shades that children like. And cut the pieces of the cake according to the pattern.
  2. Make cuts and bend along the lines of the box.
  3. Glue the blanks.
  4. 12 parts can be made (another quantity is possible, but the workpiece width must be calculated).
  5. From the napkin to make openwork ornaments resembling a cream. Glue to the cake - this will be the basis for decoration.
  6. You can decorate with pictures from your favorite cartoons (print on a printer and stick to the cake), for girls - with roses and other flowers.
  7. How to make a rose:
  • Fold the sheet first several times along, then several times across the accordion;
  • Draw, on the resulting square, a circle and cut. An accordion will produce many blanks;
  • Take a circle and cut it in a spiral. Starting at the end of the spiral, reel in pencil. Glue the middle and form a bud.

How to make leaves:

  • Take colored paper, fold along several times;
  • Fold once across;
  • Sketch a sheet on folded paper and cut along the lines.
  1. If the cake for the girl, you can add sequins, rhinestones and other decorations that the child loves.
  2. You can make a cream on the edges of the cake from corrugated paper.
  3. Satin ribbons can be used as bow decorations.
  4. You can also make various applications of colored paper.
  5. You can decorate the cake with quilling technique (beautiful curls made of paper).

Options for surprises and wishes

What can I put in the cake:

  1. Kinder surprise - wish good luck.
  2. Pour M * M's- wish a vibrant life.
  3. Skittles - happiness.
  4. Cars - wish the same in adulthood.
  5. Little dolls - always be slim and beautiful.
  6. Sweets - sweet life.
  7. Marmalade - so that everything was fun.
  8. Stickers - wish what is in the sticker.
  9. Figures of cartoon characters - success.
  10. For girls - rings, earrings, bracelets and more. Wish a rich life.
  11. Mirror - beauty.
  12. Other toys are joys.

In general, you can put any small surprises.

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