We build a mini - entrance hall of wood with our own hands

If the theater begins with a coat rack, then any apartment begins with a hallway. It is usually very small in size. But I also want to make a small room beautiful and comfortable. Finishing and wood furniture are very suitable for this.

What is needed for decorating the hallway with wood?

Having at hand several boards, you can make any design out of them.

To turn a mini-hall into a regal look with your own hands, you need:

  • Desire and time;
  • Necessary tools;
  • Drawing or diagram with dimensions;
  • The choice of the type of tree.

There are various types of wood for sale - from linden and aspen, to oak and pine. Ready-made furniture panels are offered, of which, having adjusted in size, you can make a cabinet or a curbstone. Products from plywood, which includes veneer from birch and pine, are easy to make yourself.

What furniture to place in the mini-hall

Decorating the hallway with wood, it is imperative to design furniture so that you can hang clothes, put on shoes and not drop objects. Mezzanines are suitable for an entrance hall with high ceilings.

The optimal set of furniture for a small space is:

  • Hanger;
  • The footwear stand;
  • Poof - a chair;
  • Shelves.

A mirror in a carved wood frame will visually increase the space. The hanger can be made in the form of wooden planks - vertical, horizontal, connected together with a shelf for hats. Hooks for clothes are screwed onto the slats.

The pouf is covered with soft material. It can be a component of a hanger. If you make it with an opening lid, you can put various little things inside to care for shoes. Shelves are placed next to the mirror.

How to make a pedestal

The cabinet is made simply:

  1. Two furniture sheets are taken. They are cut to size.
  2. The lower corners are cut to fit the baseboard.
  3. The upper part is done a little narrower.
  4. The base and the cabinet cover are cut out of the furniture board. The base can be made of plywood.
  5. The sides, the base, the back and the cover are fastened with the help of corners.
  6. The door is being cut out. Loops are hung using self-tapping screws. Handles are screwed.

The product is ready. By the principle of the cabinet you can make a cabinet.

If the farm has preserved old wooden furniture, it can be used after preliminary restoration. Newly repaired, sanded, polished, varnished or painted in the decoupage style, the old furniture will get a new life and can serve for a very long time.

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