Hairpins for girls from satin ribbons and beads

Satin ribbons have never lost popularity as jewelry. Adult women and little girls wove them into hairstyles, made hair bands, made wreaths and hoops. And in combination with beads, you can create something beautiful at all. In the hair clips that mom will do with her own hands, the child will be exactly unique.

First you need to purchase the basics for future jewelry in special stores for needlework. In our case, these are hairpins on which ribbons and beads will be attached. Hairpins can be different (simple or automatic).

Depending on which product you want to make, the color of the beads is selected. Ribbons also come in different widths, textures, and colors.

Consider several product options.

Hairpin "Bow"

For its manufacture you will need:

  • Three ribbons of different widths (you can take one color or combine to taste);
  • Felt for warp;
  • Double-sided tape;
  • Scissors, thread and needle;
  • Glue gun;
  • Beads;
  • Barrette.

To begin with, we determine the size of the product and cut off a piece of the widest tape so that it is 2 times longer than the product itself. Glue a double-sided tape on the ends of the tape and make a ring out of the tape. There are two such rings.

We put one ring on another, departing from the long edge of the first one by 1.5 cm. In the middle we knit them with a thread.

We take a medium-wide ribbon and bend it into a loop, crossing the ends (a bow comes out). Sew the intersection of the ends with the center of the tape. We put the second blank on the first and sew them together, or glue them.

We use the narrowest ribbon for dressing the center of the bow. We wrap a small piece of this ribbon around the middle of the bow and fasten it with thread or glue from the inside.

A bow is decorated with small figures or beads, which can be sewn randomly or come up with a beautiful pattern.

On a narrow tape (2 times longer than the hairpin), apply a strip of double-sided tape and glue it with a hairpin, starting from the inside and going to the outside.

We glue the prepared hairpin with a bow, placing a felt circle under it.

Hairpin "Bead Pillow"

For this work we need:

  • Wide satin ribbon;
  • Beads;
  • Scissors;
  • Thread;
  • Needle;
  • Barrette;
  • Felt base;
  • Stuffing material;
  • Glue.

Double the tape. We draw a circle on it and flash it along the drawn contour. We cut off the excess fabric on the sides, stepping back a little from the seam.

In the center of the circle from the wrong side we make a small incision into which we stuff the stuffing material. Having finished filling, we sew an incision.

Now it's time for the beads. We sew it on the "pillow" in any form. You can fill the entire surface with beads, or you can embroider a small drawing or an original pattern. It all depends on your imagination.

At the end of the work, glue a circle of felt on the hairpin. And on top we attach (with glue) a product from tape and beads.

In this embodiment, if you do not want to use soft material, you can just sew the beads onto a special hairpin with a metal circle in which there are holes.

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