How to make a baby do-it-yourself yo-yo toy

A yo-yo of useful and exciting toys. Thanks to it, children develop motor skills faster, they become more attentive, learn to concentrate. The device will be interesting for adults as well - it’s not without reason that they even hold competitions in handling this toy.

The mechanism can be bought on the market, but the toy is quite simple and easy to make with your own hands. Having done yo-yo, you will give your child a fascinating lesson, and you can surprise your friends with enchanting tricks with it.

To create a toy is enough:

  • Tin cans (beer, energy, carbonated drinks are sold in such cans);
  • Liquid nails;
  • Ropes
  • Pencil (it should be round and have no edges);
  • A knife;
  • Bite;
  • Scissors.

Two cans are emptied of the rest of the drink, washed well, give time to dry. Using scissors, they cut off the upper parts on which there is a rib-side - they should be about a centimeter in height. The sections are trimmed, saving them from the smallest notches, which in the future can cause cuts to the hands. At the cut off parts, the holes are tightly closed, through which the containers are opened - there should not be any gaps.

A knife cuts a 3-centimeter length from a pencil with a knife. Liquid nails are poured into one of the tin blanks, not reaching the edge of 1 ... 2 mm. Insert in the center a piece of pencil, leave to set. After filling the second tin blank with liquid nails, inserts the free end of the pencil into its center, at the second end of which the first blank is already fixed. Leave to dry. They do not spare glue, he will give the toy weight, which will diversify the tricks with it.

Get the workpiece from the axis of the pencil, at the ends of which are placed weighted with glue tin parts. The edges of the tin parts, facing inward, are filed, removing the burrs. After they are bent inside the toy.

Fasten the end of the rope on the pencil axis, on the second make a loop with which the toy is attached to the finger of the hand. The latter will not allow the yoyo to slip out of the hands of the player.

Wrap the rope on the axis. Let her go - the toy falls down and, due to inertia, begins to wind the rope around the axis, but in a different direction. Adding her hand movements, make yo-yo spin faster and move up and down, back and forth.

Watch the video: How to make a wooden Yo-yo with a bearing. Woodworking (February 2020).

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