Easy DIY Transformer Bed Assembly

This type of bed is suitable for small apartments, for example, one-room. You can do it yourself horizontal, vertical. She “hides” in the closet during the day, freeing up space for classes while awake.

The transforming bed has in a design: a box; bed; lifting gear. The latter, to save time and effort, it is better to buy ready-made in a specialized store.

The assembly of the transformer bed is preceded by the determination of the location of its placement. The space in front should be sufficient to tilt the bed. In this state, a passage should remain between it and the walls.

The wardrobe in which the bed will be assembled should be designed to fit the interior of the room. He should not be evident. In this case, even if some flaws were made during its independent manufacture, they will not be noticeable.

At the preparatory stage, it is necessary to determine the dimensions of the structure and draw up drawings of the bed. This will allow you to have the exact dimensions of all elements, which ultimately eliminates inconsistencies during its assembly.

Initially, they make the cabinet frame and mount it on the wall. Cut, for example, from thick plywood, chipboard, chipboard, rear base, side plates. Their sizes for one and a half beds can be, for example, such: 112.4x180 cm (1 piece), respectively, and 112.4x45, 45x180 (each of two pieces).

The blanks are connected to form a single box. They use furniture screws, pre-arranging holes for them. Anchor pitch 25 ... 30 cm (maximum). If you plan, then decorative elements are attached to the frame.

At the next stage, the bed body is assembled, the bed is prepared. According to the previously given dimensions, the base and side walls are cut to it in the form of two narrow and long triangular parts and one back - rectangular. They are connected to the box with screws in increments of a maximum of 25 ... 30 cm.

Around the perimeter, on top of the base, a support is arranged for the mattress pad from the beam. Overlap the resulting frame with a edged board. The stops are fixed, restricting the movement of the mattress to the base.

Connect the wall box and the bed body using a lifting mechanism. In addition, additional elements are installed to facilitate raising the bed - balances, gas shock absorbers. In the end, movable legs are fixed, which are placed on the bottom plate of the box.

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