Homemade Air Compressor

DIY air compressor can be made using a fire extinguisher and refrigerator parts. It will work almost without noise.

They use a motor compressor from the refrigerator. A fire extinguisher is needed not charged - its cylinder is required. In addition, you should prepare and stock up on: a manometer; diesel and gasoline filters; pressure switch; electric toggle switch; reducer (pressure regulator) equipped with a manometer; reinforced hose; water bends, adapters, tees, fittings; hardware; clamps; frame materials; furniture castors; safety valve, which is needed to relieve excess pressure; pneumatic outlet, which has a self-locking function.

Start with the preparation of the compressor. Identified with open tubes, marking the suction and supply air.

Cut off the sealed end from the third tube. Drain the oil inside it. Any motor (natural, semi-synthetic, synthetic) is poured with a syringe inside. The tube inlet is sealed by tightening a bolt wrapped in an FUM tape and applying sealant.

Prepare the receiver from the fire extinguisher cylinder. Remove the upper locking-starting unit with a valve. Clean external surfaces from dirt, rust. Inside, pour in "anti-rust", stand for some time (according to instructions), drain.

Screw on the locating-starting unit with a valve. If necessary, add an adapter and a cross to it. A pressure switch is attached to the upper nozzle; a safety valve is installed on one side, a tee on the other, and a pressure gauge on its upper branch. If required, paint the balloon.

For the frame of the device, a board is suitable, which is equipped with furniture wheels from below. A cylinder of a fire extinguisher is mounted on it, next to or above - a motor-compressor. The inlet tube of the latter is equipped with filters - first gasoline behind it - diesel. This will allow you to get the cleanest air that you need, for example, for an airbrush.

The power supply is connected by supplying the circuit with a toggle switch, a pressure switch, a start relay (set in the direction of the arrow). Connections are not left open, protecting them with electrical tape.

The compressor tube through which the air comes out is connected to the receiver using an adapter. A pressure reducer is placed behind the pressure gauge, which has an external moisture separator; behind it is a hose on which a self-locking pneumatic outlet is installed.

Watch the video: How to make Homemade Silent Air Compressor from old Refrigerators Compressor (February 2020).

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