An easy way to refill an inkjet printer cartridge

Cartridges in inkjet printers are not eternal. After a while, they run out of ink and you have to decide whether to buy a new one or a gas station. The latter saves money, and if still done independently, then considerable.

Inkjet printers are equipped with a printing unit in which two main parts are distinguished: a head and a tank or ink tank, in which ink and a capillary system responsible for supplying them to nozzles are located. Some black cartridges and almost all color cartridges have an ink tank filled with an absorbent sponge like foam. Such devices are the easiest to refill. There are models in which the retention of ink inside the tank is due to the pressure difference inside the device and on the outside or with a bag inside which there is air.

The process of refilling cartridges from different manufacturers is very different. However, there are a few recommendations that you should always follow, regardless of the brand of the printer. Before refilling, be sure to check the cartridge case for cracks. If it is combined with the head, then on the board on which the electrical contacts are located.

It is better to refill the cartridge as soon as it runs out of ink. Fill them inside the tanks slowly. You can’t remove the refill cartridge for more than a minute — otherwise the ink in the nozzles may dry out.

Cartridges for Epson printers are containers that contain ink. Refilling them is simple: they take out the cartridge; immediately seal the exit holes with tape; inject the needle of the syringe with ink to the bottom of the tank through the holes on top (they can be sealed with a film; if not, you need to do it); ink is slowly pumped; take out the syringe, glue the upper holes with tape; remove adhesive tape from the outlet; insert the cartridge into place in the printer.

Cartridges in HP printers have a combined printhead and reservoir. When refueling color cartridges: remove the top cover, under which there will be three holes for different inks; glue two, in the third - with a syringe, as described above, fill in ink; then glue the other two and fill in other non-glued ink with other colors; then also do with the third hole; all glues are removed, the lid is closed, for example, with "Moment", with adhesive tape. Reinstall the cartridge.

The latest HP black ink cartridges are easy to refill. They are removed from the printer, the film is separated, which is closed by the hole near the nozzles and pushed inward the ball closing it. Pour ink as described above, tape the hole. Next, turn the cartridge over, wait for the excess ink to flow out and put it in place.

Canon printer cartridges are most easily refilled on their own, and this can be done for a long time - until the foam ink filler is worn out. For black BC-20 cartridges, refueling is carried out through the side opening, which is a ventilation hole. It only needs to be widened a little to insert the needle of the syringe for pumping ink. The hole itself is not subsequently sealed.

If the cartridge is BC-21, then start by sticking the outlet openings. The lid is then removed from above and ink is introduced through the filling holes. Lower the needle to half (!) The depth of the inkwells. After the lid is put in place and wrapped with tape.

Lexmark cartridges refill like devices from Canon printers.

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