DIY box from a book

Caskets are in almost every home. They are small chests, designed to store jewelry, small things, letters. They are made of different materials: wood, metal, plastic, stone.

Despite the deficiency of the latter, sometimes projects appear on the Internet that suggest using materials for the manufacture of caskets, which are a sin to think about. For example, books that, by definition, should sow the eternal ...

The barbaric approach to the storehouse of knowledge is obvious, for in the process of receiving the casket the book is completely destroyed. Therefore, for those who want to repeat the project, advice - take at least one that is really useless, which is not a pity.

Naturally, they begin with a book. They open it, the first - flyleaf - do not touch the sheet, start with the following. On the top sheet (under the flyleaf) of the book block make markup. They retreat from all sides 1 ... 1.2 cm, draw lines, forming a rectangle inside the sheet.

Take a clerical knife and cut a book block on the sides of the latter. In order to get even cuts, use a ruler as a guide. The work is painstaking, laborious, requires patience, strength. Particular attention is paid to the corners, trying to cut them neatly and accurately.

So cut the sheets to the bottom of the book block. If it is thick, then after completing half the work, you can turn the book over and start cutting it out from the “back” side.

Next, you need clean paper, a brush, PVA glue. A sheet of paper is placed between the bottom cover of the book and the cut sheets. The ends of the book block are smeared with glue from the outside, they do the same from the inside - along the walls of the future casket.

They put a blank sheet of paper between the top cut sheet and the bookend sheet, cover with the top cover. The book block is leveled, if necessary, and placed under a press until the glue completely dries.

After they remove a sheet of paper neatly inserted into the book from above. If necessary, trim the sheets in the glued block with scissors. Protruding edges are wrapped near the sheet on the back side of the glued block.

Cut the upper leaf of the flyleaf to the width of the wall of the box adjacent to the spine of the book. The remaining strip is glued to the glued block of sheets. The operation eliminates the hanging of the "cover" of the box, which is the top cover of the book.

Further decorate the craft. For example, an oval blank cut from cardboard is glued on top of the lid. Take two sheets of paper in a format larger than the size of the book. Mnut her, but not fanatically. Then they are leveled and glued from the outside of the bottom and the lid of the box. On the latter, a relief is distinguished by pressing the paper at the perimeter of the oval blank.

At the protruding edges of the sheets of paper, the corners are cut, they are brought on the inner surfaces of the covers. They paste over the spine of the book (first with the edge of the paper from the bottom, then from the cover). The upper and lower ends are also glued, leading inside the spine.

Glue the bottom of the glued block to the bottom. The inner walls of the box are covered with crumpled paper. Do the same with the back of the lid.

Proceed to coloring the casket. Make it a sponge. Paint is applied to it, it is easily carried out on external surfaces - only protrusions and folds will be painted.

After complete drying, they begin to decorate the box. You can stick, for example, a strip of lace around an oval protrusion on the lid. They can also glue the spine, the edges of the inner walls. In the center of the lid there is a small bouquet of artificial flowers.

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