How to make a mini pool in a treehouse

Bath in the house today is not uncommon. To make the procedure more useful in it or near arrange a pool. The latter can be stationary, made of reinforced concrete structures. It can be collapsible, parts of which are made of polyvinyl chloride. If there are restrictions on money, in the area of ​​the bath, then they prefer the mini-pool.

Mini-fonts today are made from barrels with a volume of up to 1.5 thousand m³ made of acrylic, fiberglass, wood. The last material is the best, although it requires constant care during operation. Often made by traditional technology - from concrete.

You should not even start a mini-pool without a preliminary project. You can do this yourself, but it is better to seek help from specialists who will take into account all the nuances of such a structure. Having detailed drawings on hand is easier:

  • take into account all the structural features of the structure;
  • Do not miscalculate with static and dynamic soil pressure on the walls of the bowl;
  • prepare in advance the necessary equipment, utilities;
  • not be mistaken with the laying of embedded parts, the acquisition of the necessary materials; the latter makes it possible to assess the cost of building a mini pool, to assess their financial capabilities.

Start the device mini-font with the preparation of the pit. Its bottom is arranged 0.4 m deeper than the bottom of the bowl, and the horizontal dimensions are 0.5 m in each direction. Immediately make a slope along the bottom, place in this direction a pipe to drain water into the sewer, in the deepest place - the pipe into which it will drain.

A 5-centimeter layer of sand is poured along the bottom of the pit, 10 cm of fine gravel is on top. They compact everything, pour concrete with a layer of 10 cm. After laying the reinforcing mesh, another layer of concrete of the same thickness is laid.

The walls of the mini-pool can also be made concrete. In this case, during reinforcement of the base, reinforcement is placed in them, formwork is installed. Concrete pouring is carried out simultaneously with the device of the upper concrete layer in the base. The latter eliminates the formation of a joint in the lower part of the walls, which is important in terms of waterproofing.

The setting time of concrete lasts 27 days - it is better to withstand such a period in order to get a quality font. Next, the formwork is removed, the walls are finished. The latter is recommended to be made waterproof with a mixture based on acrylic. Such plaster will improve the water resistance of the concrete bowl during operation.

The next stage of work is waterproofing the pool. The easiest and most affordable way to use PVC film, which is lined with the inner surfaces of the mini-font. The best option is to cover them with liquid glass, and even better - with an adhesive solution in which latex is present.

The finish of the mini-pool can be arranged from special porcelain tiles, which practically does not absorb moisture. In addition, it has a rough surface, which eliminates the risk of slipping in the mini-pool to a minimum.

There is an option to save on finishing work, using a PVC film instead of porcelain tile. It is produced for such purposes four-layer, reinforcing inside a synthetic heavy-duty mesh. These PVC coatings are easy to care for.

Watch the video: Build TreeHouse Mini Swimming Pool on Trees (February 2020).

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