Homemade Perpetual Paint Brush

Brushes - the main working tool of artists, painters. Often they are used by craftsmen engaged in the manufacture of crafts. Their main disadvantage is quick wear, which requires the acquisition of a new one. If there is a lot of work, then this is too expensive for the budget.

Exit proposed by the masters. They suggest making an eternal brush that will last a long time, eliminating the need to constantly buy new ones. The process itself takes very little time - you can keep it in 5 minutes.

For a homemade eternal paint brush, you will need an old brush with a convenient handle - the latter will be needed from her. In addition, you need a stationery clip (used in a size equal to the width of the brush, which is necessary); short and thin self-tapping screws (screws).

When working, you can do everything with the following tools: side cutting pliers; with a knife; hacksaw; a drill; a set of drills.

Start making crafts with an old brush. It is carefully disassembled, being careful not to damage the handle. The rest is in the trash.

Adjust the handle to the width of the stationery clip. It is better to saw off the excess from it with a hacksaw - this will keep the handle intact, will not lead to chips, which happens when working with a knife.

In the clerical clip, on its cross bar, two holes are arranged a little more than the diameter of the screws. Dress on the end of the handle (clamp brackets on the handle), mark the center of the holes, disassemble. In the designated places, drill holes for screws are slightly smaller than their diameter. The holes are needed so that the handle material does not crack when screwing the screws.

They put the clamp on the end of the handle again, screw it to the last with two screws.

From the foam sponge, a workpiece is cut across the width of the clerical clip. Its ends are brought together and inserted into the clamp.

The brush is ready. It changes only a strip of foam after work. The rest remains and serves forever. The pen, if spots of paint have appeared on it, are wiped and used for painting in the future. You can not immediately throw away the foam, but replace it if necessary.

The working part of the eternal brush can be made not only of foam rubber. An old cloth is suitable, which, when placed in a clerical clip, is folded several times.

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