Flowing flowers from a mug

This craft is one of the options for a topiary, characterized by a small height, using improvised means, in this case, flowers. It is a beautiful souvenir gift that is easy to make with your own hands. A mug soaring in the air, from which flowers spill out, can decorate the dining room and kitchen by placing, for example, on the dining table.

The main material used in the manufacture of crafts is tea pair - a cup and saucer. In addition, you will need: artificial flowers (small ones are better suited); masking tape; thick wire. The craft is done using scissors, pliers, a glue gun.

Start with degreasing the dishes. Use a detergent, alcohol. After wiping it dry.

The thick wire is folded in half, bent, giving it a Z-shaped shape. Corners should not be sharp, the transitions between sections using pliers make smooth.

Bent sections of the wire are adjusted so that they fit snugly to the bottom of the saucer (it is better if this is a section with two ends), the inner surface of the cup. Its middle part should provide a stable position of the structure in space.

Then use a glue gun. Glue one of the bent sections of the wire to the surface of the bottom of the saucer - the ends of the wire are bent apart for stability. Glue is not spared - they completely fill the ends of the wire. Holding the wire, expect the glue to set completely.

After gluing the second bent portion of the wire to the inner surface of the cup. The complexity of the process is that you need to wait for the glue to set so that the wire does not lag behind the walls.

Correct the position of the cup - it should be inclined with respect to the saucer. The wire between the saucer and the cup is wrapped with masking tape.

Go to decorating crafts. Using glue, cover the bottom of the saucer with leaves, not adhering to any order. Choose larger flowers and glue them on the wall of the cup near the wire and the bottom of the saucer.

Using flowers, leaves, decorate the cup inside, at the bottom, sticking them in different places. They glue the wire in the area between the cup and saucer. As a result, they get a craft in which between the cup and the dish there is a “stream” of flowers, greens.

Watch the video: DIY: Flowing flower garden. Floating Tea Cup. Crafts (February 2020).

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