How to open a keyless lock

The problem of the lack of keys and the inability to get into the house because of this, the apartment is familiar to many. But it turns out that almost all locks can be opened using locksmith tools and some add-ons sold in every hardware store.

If a cruciform lock is installed on the door, then use a Phillips screwdriver. It is selected according to the size of the key, then it is inserted into the hole and, having pressed it, is turned with force to the clockwise direction.

The easiest way to enter a closed room when placing a padlock on it. The problem is solved with a crowbar, the cross section of which allows you to insert the tool into the bow. After the last break, applying force to the part with which it is attached to the lock. If there is a hacksaw, then the handle can be drunk; in the presence of nippers with long handles - a bite to eat.

If the door is locked with a French lock, then you can open it using the most primitive way - to crack the door. To do this, use a long lever, for example, crowbar. It is inserted into the gap that exists between the lock and the door frame. Further, applying effort towards the latter, they achieve the situation when the tongue of the lock comes out of the mutilated jamb. The method is universal and helps to open the door, on which most of the known types of locks are installed.

It’s worth starting to crack the cylinder lock with an attempt to open it with a similar key. It turns out, but not always. Usually, cylinder locks with a worn well open with a foreign key.

If the attempt fails, turn to a neighbor for a screwdriver, hammer and pliers. Start with the lining, which is removed by unscrewing the screws with a screwdriver. After the pliers grab the protruding part of the cylinder and begin to swing. Do this until the cylinder breaks.

They knock out all that is left of the cylinder longer. Insert a screwdriver, pry off the mechanism with its end and open the door.

There is another way to open the cylinder lock. We need a drill and drill of 5 mm diameter - a hole is drilled with it, stepping back a little down from the keyhole. Then insert the end of the screwdriver into the keyhole and crank it - the lock should open.

To open the doorphone, you need to know its code, which can be found on the Internet by the model of the device. The best option is to buy a universal key for such devices on the market.

If the door opens inward, it is sometimes easier to knock it out. Do this with the heel of the foot, striking at a place located near the castle in the direction of the middle of the door. It’s wasteful to do this with your shoulder - leave this to cops on TV shows.

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