Homemade portable speaker

It is hard to imagine our life without music. But for its sound quality speakers are needed. Depending on the volume of the room - large, small. How to make the latter later in the article.

To make a craft, you need to purchase an amplifier, for example, in a radio store. It is good if it will be assembled using a quality circuit such as PAM8403. Of other parts and materials you need to stock up: a speaker at 4 Ohm, 3 w; telephone battery; switch; a case, which can also be bought at a radio store; 3.5 mm plug (suitable for headphones); a protective grid on the speaker (can be found in the broken column); charging socket.

Of the materials needed: wires; small soldering iron; stationery knife; hot glue.

First, a hole is cut out in the upper part of the side wall of the housing using a clerical knife. A switch is placed in it, fixing with the clamps that are in its design.

In the middle of the lid of the box, they arrange the hole for the speaker with the same knife. It will be located outside. Therefore, the diameter is taken slightly less than the maximum.

Check the location of the speaker in the arranged hole. If all is well, fix it with hot glue all around on the back.

Learn the amplifier. There are two terminals on each side of the outputs. The extreme ones are “minus”, the internal ones are “plus”. On the other hand, there are three input terminals on the left (L, T, R), on the right there are two terminals for 5-volt voltage (extreme “minus”, internal “plus”).

The sound input is soldered to the amplifier in its lower left part. White wire, which is the base, to the contact "T" (ground); green to terminal "R", blue to "L". The following are the connections of the amplifier and speaker: left contacts with the corresponding speaker terminals. Also connect the "pluses" of the battery, speaker and amplifier input on the lower right side (in the latter case, through the switch).

The battery is equipped with a USB socket, which is carried out on the side of the box, next to the switch.

They collect the box, not forgetting to arrange a front protection that protects the speaker from any physical influences. Make the last installation of the grid, which is mounted on hot melt adhesive on the surface of the box. After the glue dries, they can listen to music through the made column.

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