5 ways to disguise corrugation from the hood in the kitchen

The presence of hoods in the kitchen has long been the norm in almost all houses, apartments of compatriots. Its best option is a flow-through, in which an exhaust pipe is arranged through which particles of burning, contaminated air is removed outside the premises.

Such a pipe is made of corrugation, which often spoils the overall interior with its presence, introduces an imbalance in the overall arrangement of the kitchen. Solve the issue by masking it. Use different methods, about some further.

The simplest and most common option for masking corrugations is to hide it in a wall cabinet, which is made high, almost to the ceiling. They often close not only the exhaust pipe, but also the entire exhaust hood.

A wall cabinet is bought separately at the store, made to order or on its own. In its lower and upper bases arrange holes under the corrugation. Inside, you can provide intermediate shelves that will be used to place small kitchen items that are always at hand.

Some people mask the exhaust pipe with a device around the plasterboard box. The amount of work is small, so you can do it yourself without inviting a specialist. The principle of design is not different from the traditional material.

The necessary measurements are carried out, a drawing of the future box is drawn up, determined with the dimensions of the frame and pieces of drywall. Of the profiles fastened with self-tapping screws, a base is arranged on which plasterboard blanks are also fixed with self-tapping screws.

The following is the finish of the resulting box. For example, putty is carried out, after its drying - painting of surfaces. At the end, the box can be painted with patterns, trimmed with tiles, stone, trimmed along the edges with skirting boards. A good option is to glue the box with the same wallpaper that is on the walls of the kitchen.

For this option of masking the corrugation, the box is made so in shape, coloring, which fits into the overall design of the room. Moreover, its surfaces can be arranged not only flat, but also curved, multifaceted.

Some mask the corrugation, arranging a suspended ceiling in the kitchen. The option is possible in large rooms, it allows not only to hide the exhaust pipe, but also bumps, defects on the ceiling. The disadvantage of this method is the difficulty in the need to repair the corrugation, which is difficult to get with a suspended ceiling.

The duct is covered with a plastic box, the elements of which are sold in construction stores, in the markets. Today they can be selected for any diameter of the exhaust pipe, any of its kinks, any colors.

The method is convenient when the hood is located near the ventilation duct, when you do not have to make many kinks in the duct. Its advantages are increased sound insulation, which positively distinguishes the method from others, ease of installation, easy care - plastic is washed with simple means, the possibility of painting with a new arrangement of the kitchen.

The most creative way to disguise the corrugation is by design. You can not hide it at all, but make it an element of decor on which the eyes of a person who has entered the kitchen are concentrated. This can be solved, for example, by painting the exhaust pipe in a bright color, decorating with objects.

One of the design solutions for masking the corrugation is the device of kitchen furniture with a visor that closes the exhaust pipe from looking. Transitions, kinks in it are painted to match the color of the walls, which also improves camouflage. The disadvantages of the option are the need to frequently wash the corrugations, on which dust accumulates.

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