How to make a plasma ball with your own hands

Plasma ball - one of the options for demonstrating the effects that can be created in the presence of high voltage. Using the obtained output horizontal transformer, corona and arc type discharges are created, Jacob's ladder, a daylight lamp can be started.

The craft uses high voltage, which can be dangerous if the devices, parts are improperly handled. To start creating it, you should familiarize yourself with the requirements that are set out in the safety rules when working with such voltage.

The main element in the craft is the output horizontal transformer. It features an original circuit with auto-generation. Allows you to use an output voltage of approximately 90 kV. It has high power, reliability, efficiency.

The circuit is built on a converted transformer of the type TVS-110LA or TVS-110L6, which were used in tube TVs. Their primary winding is removed and instead of it a home-made winding is arranged, consisting of a small number of turns. There are five of them on the first input coil, five times more on the second. When winding, a millimeter-diameter wire is used.

The rectifier block is arranged on four diodes, rated for a current of 5 A and a voltage of 12 V. One of the outputs of the block is connected to the output of the transistor (for example, KT927 or another, but not less power and the possibility of amplification). The second - through the winding of the fuel assembly with twenty-five turns - to the second output of the transistor.

Between the indicated branches of the network, two jumpers are arranged: closer to the rectifier unit - with a capacitor; further - with two resistances of 27 and 240 Ohms. A tap is made from the area between the resistors, which is connected to the transistor input through a winding of a fuel assembly with five turns.

To build a plasma ball using an incandescent lamp filled inside an agronomist. The output from the transformer described above is connected to it.

In order for a plasma discharge to form inside the glass bulb, you need to bring a finger to it, which plays the role of one of the electrodes. The second is the spiral inside the flask.

A transducer made to demonstrate a plasma ball can be used in other high voltage experiments. With it, you can get ozone, set fire to an arc that can burn glass. On the list is a demonstration of the operation of the ion engine, electric ignition.

Watch the video: How to Make Plasma Ball Out Of Light Bulb (February 2020).

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