Instructions for making a mirror disco ball

Disco ball is a very interesting and original craft, it will be a great solution for organizing a home or other party. Any holiday with him will be much more interesting and more fun, and you can make it from improvised means, and quite quickly and simply.

What is required

  • DVDs, the amount will depend on the size of your disco ball;
  • Balloon;
  • Glue;
  • Glue brush;
  • Scissors, ruler, felt-tip pen;
  • Hardware;
  • Newspapers.

Foundation preparation

In fact, the whole preparation is that mirrors are cut from the disks. To do this, the disk is marked on squares with sides of 1 cm, this should be done with a felt-tip pen. To cut it into squares, the disk is immersed in hot water for 3-10 seconds, so it will not crack. The time will depend on the temperature of the water used.

If you took 30 disks for work, this means that the diameter of your disco ball will also be 30 cm, it is up to that size that the balloon is inflated, but it must be round.

The basis of the disco ball is made using papier-mâché technology, known to everyone since school times. To do this, pieces of paper cut or torn in any shape are glued with PVA glue to the ball. After applying the first coat, it should dry well, then the second coat, etc. A minimum of 5 layers should be obtained. After you have applied the last layer of paper, do not rush to blow out the ball, it is better to wait until you can hear a loud sound when tapping on your base.

Completing of the work

Mirrored squares are glued starting from top to bottom, in rows, for this glue “Moment” is used.

We hang a mirror ball, the light is directed at it, ideally - powerful LED lamps. It will be much more interesting if an engine that rotates it is mounted in a ball.

Second way

There is a simpler and faster way, it is in many ways similar to the previous one, but instead of the base from papier mache, you can use a foam ball. Pieces of disks can be glued onto it with a glue gun, and it is not necessary to make mirror squares at all, disks can be cut into any shape. Ideally, after they are pasted, the shape of the ball is still preserved. Different faces will give an interesting effect.

Watch the video: How-to make a Disco Ball (February 2020).

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