Hot Tub Installation

The final step after buying a spa bath is to install it. You need to know that such bathtubs are connected to the power grid, so you should protect yourself as much as possible, which means you should not connect it yourself without the appropriate experience and knowledge. It would be better if a qualified person does it. Otherwise, there is a risk of ruining the bath and losing warranty service.

And yet, knowledge about the installation of hot tubs will not hurt you, if only to control all the stages of work on its installation.

By the way, despite the fact that hydromassage bathtubs are designed for water pressure of 4-5 atmospheres, in most cases the pressure in the water supply does not exceed these marks, but it will still be correct if you play it safe. It will be better if you protect the bath equipment from troubles, especially if the apartment is on the first floors in a high-rise building, because the pressure on the lower floors is always higher than on the last. Therefore, it will not be out of place to put a pressure reducer and a multi-level filter for water purification.

As for the latter, it must be installed necessarily. You know very well what sometimes water flows from our taps, and the nozzles of bathtubs with hydromassage are very sensitive to such water, they can quickly become clogged and fail. Therefore, so that the money is not wasted in vain, be sure to install a multi-stage filtration system.

Now install the bathroom on the legs in the right place and use the legs to adjust the bath so that its top is set strictly in level. When installing a bathtub with a hydromassage, make sure that the bathtub drain is about 10 centimeters above the sewer pipes - this is necessary for a good drainage of water. The connection of the jacuzzi to the sewage system is exactly the same as with conventional bathtubs.

After all the work has been done, be sure to check all the joints so that there are no leaks. If everything is fine, you can safely use the hot tub and enjoy swimming.

Watch the video: MySpa Hot Tub Installation Team (February 2020).

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