New technology for floor foam insulation

The use of foam in the repair of floors is an inexpensive and effective way to insulate them. It perfectly retains heat, does not absorb water, has an unfavorable environment for the propagation of fungus or mold. Penoplex is an excellent substitute for brittle foam.

Foam plates are placed on a flat surface, for example, on a concrete screed. If the floors are wooden, then you can lay on them, but previously the boards are strengthened with self-tapping screws. Sheets of foam have different sizes, so before going to the store you need to calculate the square of the room.

Before laying the insulation with the help of the level, they find the highest point of the room, the cover should begin with it. The corners of the walls and floor must be foamed to create a waterproofing.

After the mounting foam is gradually applied to the floor. The surface can be moistened with water so that the adhesion is maximum. If it is possible to level the floor and raise it, you can use wooden slats with a thickness of three centimeters. They are nailed or screwed to the surface at the building level. Between the slats, foam is laid out.

Sheets of material are adjusted using a tape measure and a clerical knife. It is better to distribute the mounting foam with a gun, since use directly from the cylinder requires the distribution of the entire volume of foam immediately. Using a gun, one pack of foam lasts for several days.

When the floor is completely made up, and the mounting foam has seized, the sheets of foam must be fixed on self-tapping screws to wooden slats or the floor. Before twisting, a hole is drilled. Self-tapping screws are installed in a row with a step of 30 cm, using a level, without being completely immersed in penoplex.

After installing all the screws, the surface around them and around the perimeter is treated with mounting foam. Oriented particle boards are superimposed over the structure. OBS are laid with the water-repellent party towards the ceiling.

After drying the mounting foam, the OSB plates are fixed on the screws with a pitch of 20-30 cm.

This technology of floor insulation saves time and money of people who decide to carry out repairs. It is much easier to use foam and OSS stacking than to engage in concrete floor screed. All structures with medium-sized rooms are installed in one day. If there is a need to dismantle the floors, then it is made with ease and speed.

Watch the video: Thermofoam Floor Technology (February 2020).

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