How to make a gate in the fence

The mobile part of the fence, designed to enter the territory of a private site or a secluded area on it, is called a gate. As a rule, this is a single-leaf door leading to the courtyard or part of the entrance or entry structure (gate). The choice of model and the material used can correspond to the whole fence, and can also be made in the form of a combination design combined with it or perfectly matching textures.

The choice of material, what you need to know?

The manufacture of the gate provides for careful selection and calculation of both the quantity of materials and the size of the structure. At the same time, it is worth paying attention to some details:

  • manufacturing material of the entire fence;
  • style on the site;
  • fence model;
  • color of the main structure.

The quantity, variation and modification of fasteners depends on the material selected for the construction. So for weighted options (metal, corrugated board), special brackets are required to hold the structure, self-tapping screws and rivets. Corresponding fasteners are important for maintaining the integrity of the material and its reliable fixation.

When choosing a material, you should decide which type is preferred. It can be open or closed structures. It is important to choose a lock for the gate, as well as calculate the number of entrance zones on the site. Of no small importance is the purpose of the building. So for a summer cottage it’s enough to use lightweight models of metal gates - from the netting, rods on a metal frame, etc. or wooden in the form of wicker or fence-lattice. An open type of fence will allow sunlight and air to penetrate the plants.

For capital suburban buildings need strong structures. As a rule, this is a solid wooden picket, stone, metal or combined structures.

Wickets from corrugated board occupy a special place. They can be made of a solid sheet or in the form of a picket fence, decorated with forging or without it and are characterized by strength, lightness, and have a long service life due to the polymer coating applied on top. When planning the arrangement of the entrance zone, it is important to take into account the weight of the future design. For the safety of the gate and the convenience of its territory, protection from adverse weather visitors, you can equip a canopy.

A solid wooden gate is also a good option. It is a wooden frame sheathed with boards. The use of a metal base in this case will strengthen, but make the construction heavier.

There are many ways to decorate wickets; elements of artistic forging deserve special attention. Forging goes well with wood, decking or polycarbonate. The design can be with a round, triangular and straight top. Exquisitely rounded designs look.

Build a fence and install a gate

If you decide to install the gate yourself, then at the initial stage of the technology are no different from the construction of the fence. The installation of support poles takes place at predetermined locations.

Carefully thought out the place, quantity and model. Stages of the work:

  • supports are installed in the same type as for the fence;
  • frame is made;
  • sheathed with pre-selected material;
  • a gate is mounted on the curtains;
  • if necessary, painted;
  • surveillance systems, alerts, locks, deadbolts, etc. are installed.

If the gate is installed, and the old one is not replaced, then the choice must be made taking into account the following recommendations and consider:

  • convenience of approaches, both from the inside and from the outside;
  • reliable support pillars, installation of additional, designed exclusively for the gate;
  • opening in narrow streets taking into account convenience for neighbors.

The installation of support columns is carried out at a deeper distance than the entire fence - this eliminates the fall and sagging of the structure, makes it durable. This is usually a depth of about 1 meter. At the bottom of the prepared pit, sand, gravel is laid and carefully rammed. Then the support is installed, broken brick, crushed stone, etc. are used to fix it. Further, the pit is concreted - poured with a solution of cement and sand (1: 3). 1-2 hours are enough for the solution to solidify. Regardless of which material of the fence is chosen, it is better to install the support posts of metal and, if desired, improve with stone or brick.

Preparation of the design of the door itself must begin with the calculation of size. It should freely fit into the opening between the supporting posts. The width of the frame should correspond to the distance between them. The height is 20-30 cm less than the height of the supports. The optimal width is 1 meter, and a height of about 2 meters. To give structural rigidity, it is necessary to attach an additional jumper from a pipe measuring 20 * 25mm.

Awnings are welded vertically to the frame, the distance between them should coincide with the fixtures on the supporting posts. When the gate is completely ready, it should be freely hung, leaving about 2 cm of free space on the sides. It is necessary for unimpeded opening, closing. In the lower part, the technology requires 15 cm to be left. This is necessary so as not to damage the structure when frozen blocks of ice appear on the ground.

A pre-prepared sheet of corrugated board or a wooden board is attached to a ready-made frame. Fixing takes place around the perimeter and across the bridge in the case of corrugated board or in the center of each individual element during the construction of a wooden gate. The sheet of corrugated board is attached to each or through one wave with special screws. The last thing that is undertaken during the construction is the installation of locks and painting the structure.

The wicket door using forged elements is original and fits any landscape ideas on the territory. Hand forging is financially expensive, as it provides for special craftsmanship and manufacturing skills that only specialists possess.

Lock Installation

It is better to provide a place for locking when welding the frame. Then, in the whole gate leaf, a hole is made along the contour into which the lock core will be installed. On a metal structure, these works are carried out using a grinder, and on wooden ones using a special tool for wood (a jigsaw or a nozzle on a drill).

In the case of the forged version, the lock is mounted in a place where there is no picture. If necessary, all variations of wickets from various materials, except corrugated board, are painted in pre-selected colors, suitable for the shades available on the site.

It is possible to do the work on arranging the entrance zone with your own hands, if you first study the possible options, pay attention to the video and photos on the site, select and organically enter acceptable ones, adapting them to the style of the territory adjacent to the house.

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