Wood-polymer composites - the best materials for terrace boards

Wood-polymer composites, or WPC, in recent years have been widely used in individual construction. These materials replaced the massive terrace boards. Unlike natural building materials, WPC boards have a longer service life and do not require additional costs for periodic processing with chemicals. Most often, this material is used as a terrace board.

What is duodenum?

The main components included in wood-polymer composites are:
-Waste from the woodworking industry, the so-called wood flour;
- thermoplastic polymers;
-chemical additives.

Wood flour in WPC can be from 30 to 80%. Chemical additives - not more than 5%. The rest is polymers (this can be polyvinyl chloride, and polyethylene, and polypropylene).

If the boards are made of a material where the plastic content exceeds the wood content, they will for the most part possess the characteristics inherent in plastic. Floors and floorings made of such a material can heat up under the sun's rays, while becoming brittle and changing color.
With an inverse ratio, when the tree dominates, terrace boards are able to absorb moisture, swell and resize.

The “middle ground” is the ratio where plastic and wood flour are represented in equal proportions. In this case, the flaws are canceled and the advantages of both materials are manifested.

Why are WPC floors better than wood?

In order to verify the advantage of WPC over wood, you should pay attention to the disadvantages of the latter.

Boards made of natural wood, even very resistant, such as oak or larch, are susceptible to negative phenomena. For example, they:
- are subject to decay;
- are a breeding ground for insects and fungi;
-deform when temperature and humidity change;
-fire hazardous;
-are not cheap.

As for products made of wood-polymer composites, they are devoid of all the above disadvantages. At the same time, the presence of wood on the boards gives them the warmth of natural wood. The presence of plastic in a limited amount does not allow the boards to warp and crack. The service life of a terrace board from KDP boards is several tens of years.

WPC area of ​​application

A lot of things are made from KDP. Boards are great for flooring, used mainly in the summer. These are terraces, arbors, balconies. Owners of their own pools prefer to floor the floors around them with planks of wood-polymer composite. Such floors do not slip, which is very important in places constantly in the wet state. They can safely put a kitchen table.

The variety of colors of the KDP boards allows you to lay them out in the form of interesting mosaic patterns. Entrepreneurship owners of large land plots began to equip their possessions with beautiful multi-colored paths, paths and walkways through artificial reservoirs.

New material is also used for the manufacture of benches. Such places of rest do not require annual tinting, like wooden ones.

If you want to have a modern comfortable home, a beautiful and comfortable plot, get materials from the KDP and forget about the worries for many years.

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